Friday, October 28, 2011

Short and Long hairstyles

Short hairstyles 2011

Of course not every woman has to subject herself to the same extremely short cut hairstyle Victoria Beckham has chosen. Especially since it is important that the head is shaped in a way that goes well with the hairstyle. With faces shaped in a rather round way, the hairstyle just does not look that sexy. Short haircuts also can take some styling, a modeling cr�me for instance can provide the hair with better structure and a non-burdening wax adds that little extra shiny touch. Most of the times it is the small things which add to a short hairstyle that little bit of �je ne sais quoi�.

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Medium Hairstyles 2011 Even if you can�t believe it � don�t be surprised when in 2011 a lot of people are wearing medium hairstyles and a classic side parting or bangs. Some experts are speculating that the side parting might experience second coming.

Among the medium hairstyles images in 2011, the medium length side part hairstyle is dominant right now. After all, side parting was already quite common and popular hairstyle for men before. Whether this trend will follow suit as a medium hairstyle for women with bangs has yet to be revealed, at the latest by 2011. A lot off fine highlights will allow creating something quite special from women�s medium length hair. For curly

medium hairstyles single strands of hair can be bundled up by means of styling products. Your best bet is to use a fiber gum, or modeling cr�me. Using both will create a stringy look without drying out the hair.

Long Hairstyles 2011

Shoulder length hair and long hairstyles have never been an important trend, and will not receive much attention in 2011. Still, a lot of people, particularly blonde colored hair tend to wear shoulder length hairstyles.

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In combination with fine, subtle highlights in the colors chocolate-brown or gold-brown a hairstyle in shoulder length may appear very fresh and even quite trendy. Besides of blond hair, from time to time women with natural brown or copper colored hair chose to wear a shoulder length hairstyle. Natural red hair also may cast an enchanting charm over one�s conversational partner. A practical tip to follow: When using a scrunchy, shoulder length hair can be worn as a ponytail while in school or during work. In the evening, if you want to unveil the full magnificence of your hair, you just wear it loose.

Important tips: Always use a scrunchy without a metal clamp. There are high-quality scrunchies, which have not been clamped, but bonded with hot glue. Those varieties are much less harmful to your long hair. Use a brush with 100% natural wild boar bristles, in order to provide your long hairstyle with a very natural glare.

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